Ngulhao Theological Seminary

Ngulhao Theological Seminary (NTS) was previously called Ngulhao Memorial Bible School (NMBS), after the name of Ngulhao Thomsong, the first Christian among the Thadous, the main instrumental for the first translation and publication of Thadou New Testament and portion of Old Testament. NTS was established in 1958 in Phaicham and it was shifted to TBA Centre Motbung in 1961. The vernacular Bible School was duly recognised by both the MBC and CNCNEI.

With the growing needs of the Churches for higher Theological Education and to cope the students with the growing complex problems in the society, and to enable them to reach international standards, Ngulhao Memorial Bible School has been upgraded and named “Ngulhao Theological Seminary (NTS) in 1998.

In the early days, NTS offers a two year course of Certificate of Theology (C.Th). With its upgradation as Seminary, the College started offering Graduate of Theology (G.Th) since 1998. From 2013 the Seminary dissolved the C.Th course and lengthened the course from two years to three years and began offering Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min). From 2015 the Seminary offered Bachelor of Theology (in English). For those who cannot afford to go to Bible College outside Manipur; for those who cannot leave their family; for those who does not have a secular degree; NTS is an adequate training centre to equip themselves theologically and spiritually.

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